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My Property Check

Looking for information on a property in NSW or QLD? My Property Check is powered by InfoTrack, an accredited Land Registry Service provider licensed to provide land and property information across Australia.

Simply enter a property address and you’ll have the option to order any of the documents below related to that property.

Title Search (NSW & QLD) – Includes information on current owners, mortgages, covenants, caveats and easements.

Deposited Plan (NSW & QLD)  – Includes information on legal boundaries, size & shape of the property, and physical site features.

Strata Plan (NSW & QLD) – Includes information on strata schemes and is a subdivision of a parcel of land.

Sewer Diagram (Sydney) – Includes information on private sewer lines and connections to the wastewater system.

All you need to start searching is the address of the property and a credit card.

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Why use My Property Check?

Fast Turn-Around

The majority of property checks are returned instantly.

NSW & QLD Search

We have access to land registries such as NSWLRS in NSW and sewer service diagram (SSD) information.

Mobile Friendly

Whether you're on your mobile, tablet or computer, My Property Check provides a seamless ordering experience.

Land Registry Accredited

We are powered by InfoTrack, an approved information broker of property information.

No Account Required

Complete a property check without creating an account. Simply fill out the form and we will email you the result.

Secure Process

My Property Check is a secure online platform for receiving property information.

Pay for searches instantly with your credit card, no login required.

Why are Property Checks Important?

Property searches can show the current owner of the property, the land description, the restrictions on the use of land, any covenants, easements and other equitable servitudes, any mortgages on title, any caveats that may be registered and the document by which the owner came to be on title.

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My Property Check on phones
My Property Check on phones

How it Works

You can order a property search in three simple steps.

Enter the property details

Pay by credit card

Receive the results via email

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