4 reasons to order a property plan

1. You’re buying or selling a house

Be prepared with your paperwork particularly when you are selling a property. The Deposited Plan and any other documents attached to the title must be included in the sale contract, which  your solicitor will prepare before your property goes on the market.


2. You’re renovating your house

If you decide to renovate your house it’s a must to have a plan when engaging a draftsman, architect, builder and any other building consultant about your renovation. No matter how big or small and even if you are thinking you are only doing a minor renovation such as removing a doorway, you must consult the plan if you are planning on having a successful building experience.

Save money and make life easier by being organised and mapping out your ideas on the plan. Tradesmen and suppliers will appreciate your organisation making the job smooth and to a high standard.


3. You need to see historical changes to the property

All plans contain details of land, property features and boundaries at the time a survey was conducted. It may be worth considering whether you would like to purchase and use an older version of a survey plan. It is worth noting the amount of detail shown on the plan and change to the property throughout the years. When there have been minor changes or nothing at all, an older plan can be useful in this situation.


4.You’re involved in a boundary dispute

Deposited Plans define legal boundaries of the land and often record subdivisions, easements, resumptions or are prepared to support Primary Applications. If you are in a boundary dispute with a neighbour and if your land is Torrens title, the exact boundaries of your property can be found on the deposited plan (DP). If there is a boundary dispute and the information in the DP does not resolve the problem, you may decide to have a survey carried out by a registered surveyor.