Did you know that when a new home is built in NSW. Sydney Water designs a detailed a detailed drawing of its private sewer service pipes as well as where they are connected within Sydney Water’s waste water system? This is a Sewerage Service Diagram.

A Sewer Service Diagram (SSD) details the location of private sewer pipes on a property. Plumbers, conveyancers, selling agents and home owners use these diagrams when they are fixing problems with your pipe or when a property is being bought or sold. Often older diagrams are used which show points of connection to Sydney Water’s waste water system, easements over the land and other additional information for plumbers.

Where can I find my sewer diagram?

Conveyancers and selling agents use sewer diagrams when properties are bought or sold therefore you can usually locate your sewer diagram with your contact of sale. However, if you have misplaced your sewer diagram, we can help you obtain it at My Property Check. It only takes a couple of minutes to enter your address and your sewer service diagram can be obtained instantly.

What information does a sewer diagram show?

Ask a qualified plumber and they will advise the main features and information of your sewer service diagram. Details may include where your pipes are located and where your fitting and points of connection are situated. By understanding where they are within your property you are able to hire a plumber and communicate with them as to where the problem may be located and they can advise whether a replacement or reline of your pipework is necessary.

My Property Check can provide you with a sewer diagram that indicates the lines that have been relined on completion of pipe relining work. This will allow you to locate the lines that may still be vulnerable to tree root invasion.